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Garment Steamer Review Guides


Handheld Steamer

Pursteam professional garment steamer for clothes (white, 2018 edition)

Standing Steamer











Top Handheld Garment Steamers                                                                                       Top Standing Garment Steamers


Fabric Steam Press


Lint Remover











Top Fabric Steam Presses                                                                                 Top Lint Removers



Ironing Board


Ironing Glove











Top Ironing Boards                                                                                            Top Ironing Gloves

Top Garment Steamer Brands


Garment Steamer Definition

A garment steamer, cloth steamer or simply a steamer is used for removing rumples from fabrics and garments using high-temperature steam.

How Garment Steamer Works

The water in the reservoir at the base heats up when the steamer is turned on. This creates steam that rises through the tube/hose.

Steam comes out of the tube through the nozzle. The user holds the nozzle, then directs the steam to the rumpled regions of the garment thus wrinkles are removed.

Be informed that the time required to completely remove rumples from clothes depend on the type of steamer, type of fabric, capacity of the water tank, and sometimes even the experience of the person doing the steaming tasks.

Comparison Table Showing 20 of the Best Garment Steamers

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Top Considerations for Choosing the Best Garment Steamers

Garment steamers are very effective at removing wrinkles and odors from garments and upholstery. Because there are so many brands and models available, finding the right clothes steamer can be challenging. Consider the following when choosing a garment steamer.

  • Type and size of fabric: Consider the size and material of the textiles to be steamed. The smaller handheld steamers, maybe due to their limited water capacity, are unable to handle large items like curtains.

The ability of steamers to steam fabrics like cotton often depends on the width of the steam head, steam holes, steam holes arrangement, and of course the strength of the steam.

  • Budget: Before making any purchase, have a price range in mind. Very cheap garment steamers often turn out to be expensive plastic. Likewise, sometimes, expensive items turn out to be very cheap mistakes.

You want to choose a fabric steamer in the price range of low to mid-range since who knows…

In which case the decision to replace a non-performing steamer (or one that is not suitable for your needs) will be as easy as it gets.

If it helps, shortlist three fabric steamers in the same category (handheld, standing, or tabletop) and pick the one with the average price.

Bonus Tip: If you find a steamer that has served you well for at least three years and you have some cash to spare, consider getting another of that same model from the same brand. Over time items sell out and Manufacturers, in their attempts to improve on the previous models, often end up with terrific or terrible products.

  • Water capacity: Lots of refills within a session of steaming can be tiring and frustrating especially when the user is in a rush. The water capacity determines how long a fabric steamer would work before requiring refills.

Depending on your steaming tasks (lighter models with small water capacity are ideal for those who would not have lots of items to steam regularly while those who would have lots to steam should go for steamers with large water capacity), a clothes steamer with an average of the water capacity of top three steamers in its category, can be considered to have a decent water capacity.

To avoid running out of water unexpectedly which can cause overheating, a fabric steamer with a  transparent water tank is strongly recommended, as it adds another layer of safety to the unit since the water level is visible.

  • Hose and Cord Length: While a standing garment steamer has a hose, neither the tabletop fabric steamers or the handheld steamers have hoses (the handheld steamers has a “neck” though).

It goes with saying that hose length applies to standing garment steamers only and from our observation of people who are really enjoying their clothes steamers, 5 feet seems to be a nice length that lets them reach tall pieces of items like draperies and curtains.

For the cord length, let us say 7 feet. At this length, the user is able to maneuver and reach tough spots like cuffs, easily. Anything above 7 feet cord length could see the cord getting in the way of the user.

  • Heat-up Time and Steaming Duration: Most steamers heat up in two minutes or less and produce steam but how long the steam will last depends on the product and size of the water tank.

Handheld steamers produce steam that lasts for between 10-15 minutes while upright steamers produce steam that lasts for about 45-120 minutes.

  • Timer or Auto-off: Timer or auto-off system kicks into action when water level becomes minimal–a particularly helpful feature which prevents overheating. Besides saving power, the timer/auto-off feature as well enhances the durability of the steamer.

How to Get Optimum Results from your Steaming Tasks

  • The easiest way to steam a garment is when it is left to hang. Standing garment steamers have hanging poles attached. If you are making use of a handheld garment steamer, however, your garment could be hanged and placed on a rod or doorknob.
  • Try running the steamer against your garments in a downward manner. You don’t need to press too hard, the steam will remove wrinkles on its own. If the fabric is super wrinkled, steaming should be done from inside the garment or underneath.
  • When steaming garments with trimmings, the steamer should be half an inch away in order not to damage the embellishments. Special care is also needed for silk or velvet fabrics.
  • There are fabrics that require way more (or less) steam power and pressure before they become smooth. Thick jeans will need more heat than a silk fabric. Using the highest heat for lighter fabrics might damage them.
  • If you intend steaming a shirt or two, there is no need to fill the water tank all the way up. It will be faster this way.

How to Use and Maintain a Fabric Steamer

  • Do not overfill the water tank: using too much water could lead to spitting, leakage or worse.
  • Ensure the water level does not get too low.
  • Ensure the water gets heated before you start steaming.
  • Keep the unit clean before and after use.
  • Do not allow the cord or the hose to get twisted.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s directions for storage.

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