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best-garment-steamersYou are reading the ultimate guide to the best garment steamers in the market in 2018. Today’s post is focused primarily on pricing. Or, put it simply, The Best Garment Steamers for the Money guide helps you to know the available products in the market, what your budget can get you, and the benefits derivable from each purchase.

(Our other guides focusing on use cases like home, travel, and professional are yours for the taking assuming that is what you are looking for)

That mentioned, in the guide you will encounter high-end products like the ROWENTA DG8520 (279.95); mid-price products like JIFFY J-2000 (); and low-price products like the Puresteam.

I almost forgot to mention, as you read the guide, if you find that garment steamer that piques your interest, feel free to check it out by clicking directly on the price link, which by the way will take you to the product page where you can get more information and make your order.

10 Best Cloth/Fabric Steamers

Here is a list of the top garment steamer for the money in 2018.

RankGarment SteamersWattageSteam Time
2PurSteam Elite1,20060
4PurSteam XL1,50060
5Rowenta 63001,55060
8Rowenta 91001,550150


The Best High-end Cloth Steamers (above $200)

Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam 1800-Watt Eco Energy Steam Iron

As time is very important and needs to be saved, ROWENTA DG8520 will make steaming easier and faster.

This commercial garment steamer is a combination of high efficiency and utmost convenience.

It will practically fit on any new or already existing iron boards.

It is of 1800 watts and with the tap on a button, it produces 120 grams of pressurized, rumple removing steam up to one and a half hours.

The steam is constantly delivered through the steam release trigger for 90 minutes in order to complete loads of clothes. With the production of high steam, the time in using conventional irons is cut down thrice. Hence, guaranteeing effortless ironing.

It is arrayed with an easy to fill 47-ounce water tank to save time by reducing the number of refills during sessions of ironing.

When filled up, it can last up to two hours of continuous use. The water tank is attached to a boiler, while the steam goes through the 12-foot electric cord to the iron. Since the cord is insulated, no burns would occur if the iron grazes your skin.

At the side of the boiler, there is a holder clip which keeps the steam cord tidy when unused.

Since the ROWENTA DG8520 features a removable filter tube and a calc system that can be unscrewed, this makes for easy cleaning of the unit.

The heat could easily be adjusted to suit different fabrics, as the wheel dial, which is placed below the iron handle, has different heat settings.

ROWENTA DG8520 being lightweight, makes it more lovable; there are no cramps to be felt on the hand after some minutes of use or burns to occur while battling with the weight.

Rowenta DG8520 also has several safety guards to protect against accidental burns and damaged clothes. The system will go off automatically after being left unused for some minutes. There is absolutely nothing to worry about if you forget to turn it off.

The precision tip gives access to difficult spots such as narrow edges, pockets, collars and other areas around the button.

Rowenta DG8520 features a safety lock; also, a handle below the tip which can be flicked down to lock it in place. Locking it makes it easier to carry the entire station by the handle without having to worry about the steam iron falling off.

Enough said.

Start your journey to a pain-free ironing by clicking on this link:

THE BEST MID-PRICE Fabric STEAMER ($100 – $200)

J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer with Plastic Steam Head, 120 Volt 

Jiffy J 2000 is a 120 volt garment steamer that removes rumples from clothes, bed sheets, and delicate fabrics.

It serves both homes, travels, commercial purposes plus it is built to last.

Despite having a larger tank, its ability to heat up within two minutes gives quick access to all the steaming features it provides.

JIFFY J-2000 has a three quarter gallon reservoir which is at the bottom of the unit and can continuously steam garments up to an hour and a half.

A flexible hose which produces top-tier performance and reduces leaks is connected to the reservoir.

The gallon is removable; it is so easy to take out and fill.

The water could be left in the gallon for a few days if not completely used but if it stays in for a lengthy period, it could cause rust. If you do not intend steaming for at least a week, it is recommended you pour away the unused water.

Whenever there is a need to move the steamer around the home to steam curtains or drapes, the steamer’s wheels make it convenient to do so. The durable aluminum rod has a holder for the wand, which can be used to hang garments.

With J-2000’s 1300 watts brass heating element that keeps water hot and conducts heat well, a continuous steam is guaranteed.

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J-2000’s 3-pronged grounded cord set eliminates fire hazards, while versatile on and off switch ensure the unit is off when not used even while it is still plugged in. There is also an automatic shut-off system in case the steamer runs dry.

The outer part of the steamer is made from a high-impact plastic that resists wearing and melting.

The average warranty of steamers on the market is two years but Jiffy J-2000 stands over average with its three-year warranty after initial purchase.

Looking a bit old-fashioned, Jiffy J-2000 does not have any attachments too unless bought, but it is a durable and a quality product overall.

Where to get the Jiffy J-2000? Go here:


Admit it–you don’t like having to spend the extra time to iron clothes, especially if you’re in a hurry in the morning.

We’ve all had those mornings, when nothing seemed to be done, every single shirt was wrinkled somehow, and the clock kept ticking closer to 9am.

Those mornings when you stare at yourself in the mirror for a moment and wondered, “does it REALLY matter that I look unemployed and homeless?”

It does. It does matter. But it’s okay, because this steamer will change your life.

At just $69.99 (as of now), this steamer checked all the boxes you care about:

  • A standing garment steamer–with all of the basic functions intact, plus a stand/hanger/clips for clothing;
  • A machine that doesn’t take up too much space, so that it can be out at all times and not get in your way;
  • Strong, powerful steam that gets the wrinkles out quickly and flawlessly and get you out the door; and
  • A tank large enough you don’t have to refill the water while steaming a garment.

Pursteam Elite Garment Steamer puts out serious steam, starts up quickly (usually about 20 seconds or so of warming up and it’s good to go), and feels like a solid, high-quality piece, from top to bottom.

It’s fast, plus you will absolutely love having that convenience of using the Pursteam Elite Garment Steamer, available to you at all times.

If you’re looking for a rock solid steamer that will save you tons of time and money, the Pursteam Elite Garment Steamer is what you are probably looking for.

How to get it?



With its fast heating water tank that heats up and make ready for use in nearly two minutes, you’ll end up saving more time.

PureSteam’s ergonomic nozzle design is optimized for both stability and power. It generates a continuous flow of quality steam for up to 10 minutes.

The water tank is easy to fill and empty.

Once heated, it can be used continuously for ten minutes which is enough to smooth a picked outfit for the day.

The automatic shut-off safety feature prevents the steamer from getting damaged. The steamer is shut off when it gets too hot or when the water tank gets dry.

Puresteam is lightweight, weighing only 1.4 pounds, eliminating any possibility of getting tired when using it for extended hours.

Additionally, its compactness makes it ideal for traveling as it could be easily fitted in a traveling bag or suitcase.

The 8-foot power cord makes it easy to steam tops of drapes and curtains without the need for an extension cord.

You get a warranty of two years.

Puresteam Fabric Steamer works faster and efficiently on all kinds of fabric.

Looking good? Ready for an on-the-go steaming experience?

Use the below link to get started:


Garment steamers are your surest bet for removing wrinkles from your fabrics while looking your best in any outfit of your choice.

They are safe on garments and are easy and quick to use.

If you want to stop throwing away cash on expensive clothing all in a bid to avoid wrinkles while circumventing the expensive cost of a professional cleaner, well, this is why this guide is a must read. It helped you streamline your choices on the basis of your budget.

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