best handheld steamersIn this review of the best handheld steamers in 2019:

10 products from top sellers including BEAUTURAL, URPOWER, SUNBEAM, PURSTEAM, CONAIR, etc. were compared based on their heat up time, steam duration, wattage, water capacity, and weight.

These portable fabric steamers heat up quickly, gets the job done, and are priced reasonably…

…making them the perfect choice for your household and travel needs.

Having reviewed the products, to be followed immediately are sections providing tips for making the best buying decisions. (Use the Table of Contents to quickly skip to any part of the guide that interests you).

Reviews of the 10 Best Handheld Clothes Steamers in 2019


Beautural powerful handheld steamer

If you are one of those shoppers who believe the cliche “cheap is not good, good is not cheap” it is easy skipping over BEAUTURAL, thinking the low price tag meant that it will be of lower quality.

You are so wrong!

At $44.99 you get a steamer that knocks wrinkles out pretty quickly, doesn’t spit water, and is easy to use and travel with. No other steamer came close–at least in our list of the 10 best handheld garment steamers.

Quick facts about BEAUTURAL powerful handheld steamer

  • 1200-watt heating element for a quick 30 seconds heat-up time
  • 260 ml water capacity for 15 minutes of continuous steam per filling
  • 2.09 lbs weight for ease of use and travel convenience

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BEAUTURAL powerful handheld steamer pros

  • BEAUTURAL’s automatic shut off system ensures 100% user safety during and after use.
  • Its unique leak-proof design makes steaming easier and prevents sputtering (the only steamer on this list that doesn’t spit water unless you have it upside down with water in it).
  • BEAUTURAL’s versatility makes it suitable for a variety of fabrics including cotton, wool, polyester, plush, silk, fiber, nylon, velvet and linen.
  • The free accessories allow for ease of use and maintenance.
  • 90-day return window ensures a great buying experience.  

BEAUTURAL powerful handheld steamer cons

  • BEAUTURAL has a steelhead in addition to its 2.09 lbs weight, which can be heavy when filled, causing the user some discomfort.

Our recommendations

  • You may not travel with water inside of the BEAUTURAL powerful handheld steamer to avoid soaking your pieces of stuff.

BEAUTURAL is the steamer to keep. Hands down a complete package of versatility, quality, and travel convenience. You will be glad you gave this model a try. 


URPOWER handheld fabric steamer

What do you do when your business casual outfits need to be pressed but you cannot afford to send them to be professionally cleaned?

The most obvious alternative is usually iron.

But you hate ironing, reason your wardrobe consisted mostly of jeans and t-shirts.

Here and now: the URPOWER handheld fabric steamer–your quick fix for getting your clothes ready for work, business meetings, weddings, and other important events that necessitate you appearing sharp and smart.

We like to call the URPOWER that steamer that will make even your iron to be jealous.

Maybe a little small for regular home use but the URPOWER handheld fabric steamer is great for travel. Handy to have around, and has quite the steaming power to get wrinkles out of one (or two?) items from your box.

Quick product facts about URPOWER handheld fabric steamer

  • Two-minute heat-up time
  • 130 ml water capacity for 7 to 10 minutes of continuous steam per filling
  • 1.2 lbs weight for ease of use and travel convenience

URPOWER handheld fabric steamer pros

  • Heats up very quickly and wrinkles disappear like magic
  • Saves time and offers the convenience of usage, storage, and mobility
  • Saves you money yet its serves purpose plus it is very reliable and durable
  • URPOWER garment steamer is easy to maintain

URPOWER handheld fabric steamer cons

  • URPOWER can take a while to totally cool down
  • Needs to be refilled with water rather frequently especially when steaming heavily wrinkled–or more than one–item
  • Some wet spot here or there
  • Not a stunner design wise

Our recommendations

  • Don’t fully empty before adding more water
  • Steam your clothes the night before or a few hours before an event as a proactive measure against possible wet spots

At $20.99 you can’t beat the price. URPOWER works great and it is small enough for travel use. Highly recommended for quick steaming of a few items.


Pursteam elite garment steamer

Weighing a fraction of your iron–which makes it easier to transport when combined with other items–the PURSTEAM garment steamer handheld is hands down robust and well-made. Someone even called it their best household purchase of the year!

PURSTEAM boils extremely quickly and is relatively easy to use. 2 minutes and you are out of the house.

Quick facts about PURSTEAM ELITE travel steamer 

  • 850-watt heating element for a one-minute heat-up time
  • 125 ml water capacity for 10 minutes of continuous steam per filling
  • 1.59 lbs weight for ease of use and travel convenience

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PURSTEAM ELITE travel steamer pros

  • Elite travel steamer by PURSTEAM is perfect for first-time users
  • It’s lightweight therefore easy to travel with
  • Offers convenience of use and storage
  • Its long cord comes in handy in a hotel room where the location of plugs is not always ideal
  • Can do just about a complete outfit that can get you on-the-go before requiring refills
  • Saves you time, money, and space
  • Quick and easy refilling
  • Color is black–won’t get dirty easily
  • PURSTEAM travel steamer has a good return policy and offers after sales customer support

PURSTEAM ELITE travel steamer cons

  • Occasionally spit boiling water
  • The exterior gets quite warm that you might start to feel it on your knuckles after a length of time

Our recommendations

  • Hold upright and keep your other hand out of the way
  • Don’t overfill
  • Because the PURSTEAM is best used upright clothes need to be hanging for best result
  • The product information says you can’t put anything else (fragrance, for example) in the water chamber

It is okay if you are not convinced that this would do the job. But you can try???

PURSTEAM offers you 3Ps: power, portability, and price. Fantastic product that’s more efficient and much faster than ironing.



Are you passing up cute shirts because you worry about wrinkles?

You can already tell from its name–STEAMFAST (steamazing!) works like a gangbuster. Not forgetting to mention its travel friendliness. 

In addition to the steaming power of STEAMFAST that packs a punch, the length of the cord gives plenty of room to move around.

Quick facts about STEAMFAST SF-425 travel fabric steamer

  • 800-watt heating element for a quick 60 seconds heat-up time
  • 118 ml water capacity for 7 minutes of continuous steam per filling
  • 1.2 lbs weight for ease of use and travel convenience

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STEAMFAST SF-425 travel fabric steamer pros

  • Offers travel and usage convenience
  • Manufacturer’s telephone number and website address is cited several times in the manual and is often printed in a bold font should you need to find their contact information quickly. They also have a follow-up customer support.
  • STEAMFAST works on a variety of fabrics
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • The green silicone seal at the bottom prevents STEAMFAST from tipping over
  • Has a blue power switch that lights up indicating the unit is still working or has not been unplugged–a particularly helpful feature for easily-distracted persons.

STEAMFAST SF-425 travel fabric steamer cons

  • May spit water
  • The window to see the water level is kind of tinted and can cause a bit of difficulty in seeing the water level.

Our recommendations

  • Item is made for use in the US. The manufacturer says “improper use or shipping the product outside the U.S. will void all warranties.” We recommend getting a dual voltage travel steamer (like the TAOTRONICS or TRAVEL SMART listed #8 in this guide) if you will be using your steamer outside the US.
  • No steam adjustment: Different fabric types may need different levels of heat/steam, but there is no such adjustment with this steamer.

Regardless, STEAMFAST is what it is: that steamer that gives you fast results when it matters most.


pax powerful clothes steamer

Let’s welcome the steamer that will make you give your iron and ironing board away.

After having enough clothes irons that leak in addition to burning nice clothing, PAX POWERFUL is the next thing to consider.

A powerful steamer in a small package, but with weight at 1.3 lbs you are like, “You must be kidding me.”

No kidding, the PAX POWERFUL clothes steamer is so easy to fill, heats up super fast, and will steam out all of the wrinkles in a very short time. That is in addition to saving you money.

Quick facts about PAX POWERFUL clothes steamer

  • 700-watt heating element for a quick 60 seconds heat-up time
  • 140 ml water capacity for 10 minutes of continuous steam per filling
  • 1.3 lbs weight for ease of use and travel convenience

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PAX POWERFUL clothes steamer pros

  • PAX POWERFUL’s new nozzle design provides deep steam penetration and distribution for a crease-free fabric
  • Has an automatic shut-off safety protection that makes it safe for use
  • Safe for use on all kinds of clothes including household fabric like furniture upholstery, bedding, drapery, and tablecloth
  • The clear reservoir lets you see the water level so you know it is time for a refill
  • Its long cord allows for free movement when steaming
  • Good return policy and after-sales support services

PAX POWERFUL clothes steamer cons

  • You must hold it upright when steaming

Our recommendations

  • Don’t fill beyond the maximum line for the best result
  • Manufacturer recommends using a transformer which can adjust the voltage to 110V when using this steamer abroad.

Still wondering why you should get the PAX POWERFUL clothes steamer?

In one simple sentence: this handheld clothes steamer puts an end to all your past trouble with steamers leaking and not working properly.


Have you been wanting to have a better way to get your work clothes ready other than ironing?

Nice and small, ABYON ML-0019 fits the bill, gets the job done, and very well too.

Quick facts about ABYON ML-0019 clothes steamer

  • 700/800-watt heating element for a quick less than 60 seconds heat-up time
  • 118 ml water capacity for 10 minutes of continuous steam per filling
  • 1.2 lbs weight for ease of use and travel convenience

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ABYON ML-0019 clothes steamer pros

  • ABYON’s advanced technology makes it lightweight and easy to use, thus offering travel convenience.
  • ABYON’s automatic shut-off system is for protection of clothes and the system
  • Its unmatched craftsmanship ensures the reliability and durability of the steamer.
  • Its fast heating element lets it heat up super fast, therefore, saving you time
  • Its new nozzle design, giving out powerful, consistent steam and offering deep heat penetration, ensures wrinkle-free clothing.
  • ABYON’s versatility makes it ideal for home and travel use.
  • Meili, the manufacturer of ABYON ML-0019 steamer, has a good return policy and offers after-sales customer support.

ABYON ML-0019 clothes steamer cons

  • ABYON spits water when tilted

Our recommendations

  • Put your clothing on a hanger in front of you and steam upright so that spitting is not an issue.
  • Keep water below the line
  • Distilled or purified water is recommended so that there is minimal mineral buildup on the heating element.

Attractively designed, simple to use, and small enough to fit in a suitcase for travel, ABYON steamer does the job and the price is great too. This steamer cuts down on sending clothes to the dry cleaners and actually minimizes wear or stress on the fabric.


esteam personal hand held steamerLike, do you travel nearly constantly and have used many different models of travel steamers, most of which break after 6 months to a year of use?

ESTEAM personal handheld steamer works pretty much indefinitely. Very sturdy and strong in construction.

ESTEAM doesn’t drip all over; heats up super fast; doesn’t catch on fabric even when dragging it across; plus, you can do multiple clothing before running out of steam and refilling!

Quick facts about the ESTEAM personal handheld steamer

  • 600-watt heating element for a quick one-minute heat-up time
  • 237 ml water capacity for 15 minutes of continuous steam per filling
  • 1.85 lbs weight for ease of use and travel convenience

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ESTEAM personal handheld steamer pros

  • ESTEAM absolutely eliminate wrinkles and is super easy to use
  • ESTEAM is lightweight and almost never spits water
  • ESTEAM’s steam comes out in good volume and lasts long enough to do several items of clothing
  • ESTEAM does not mess with clothes quality as is the case with the little washers and dryers
  • It is perfect for delicate fabrics that are difficult to iron
  • It works with tap water
  • It is sturdy in design and compact in size: The cord wraps nicely around the bottom of the unit and stores neatly
  • It is very easy to maintain
  • No burn-out from running dry

ESTEAM personal handheld steamer cons

  • After prolonged use, this steamer gets hot on the exterior
  • No on/off switch
  • Must wait to cool down before adding more water

Our recommendations

  • This is a 120 voltage steamer. Get a voltage converter when using with a different plug voltage.
  • If you are stopping in between sessions to refill, use a towel to screw the top off and then back on.
  • Because this unit gives powerful steam, we recommend not filling all the way up, so it won’t damage your more expensive clothing.

With the ESTEAM personal handheld steamer, you can steam your clothes for the next day in 5 minutes or less. One pass with this guy and your clothes look completely wrinkle-free.

A little pricey, yeah, but the ESTEAM more than cover for this in terms of steam power, versatility and reliability vis-a-vis other travel steamers. So, go ahead and bite the bullet and invest in this product.



Have you ever wanted something lightweight (TRAVEL SMART is only weighing 1.2 lbs), pack-able and of good quality?

You will appreciate the fact that the CONAIR travel fabric steamer is small and compact enough to pack in your carry-on bag.

Quick facts about TRAVEL SMART by CONAIR

  • 450-watt heating element for a quick one-minute heat-up time
  • 118.25 ml water capacity for 10 minutes of continuous steam per filling
  • 1.2 lbs weight for ease of use and travel convenience

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  • TRAVEL SMART is of high quality and gets the job done.
  • TRAVEL SMART comes with a small detachable bristle & lint brush in the event you want to steam thicker fabrics.
  • Being a dual-voltage portable steamer, TRAVEL SMART eliminates the extra cost and inconvenience of a voltage converter (one of the best travel steamer for Europe).
  •  This item is quieter than other products and doesn’t “spit” water periodically.
  • Steaming can be done from any angle.


  • TRAVEL SMART takes a while to get all the creases out if the clothing is heavily creased.
  • Given the small size of the reservoir, you may have to fill it up a couple of times.
  • No on/off switch–you will have to unplug to turn off.

Our recommendations

  • Ensure you empty the water and wipe it out after each use.
  • Use distilled water only.
  • Wait for TRAVEL SMART to cool down in between refills.
  • Be sure to keep TRAVEL SMART by CONAIR garment steamer upright especially when in use.
  • As with most steamers, it is easier to steam from the inside of the garment.
  • Allow the steamer to get hot enough that the steam is coming at a steady pace.
  • Make sure your clothes are not too wrinkly while doing your best to pack them carefully. Pack things you know for sure works well with a steamer to avoid surprises (like when you are rushing to a meeting).

For a travel steamer, TRAVEL SMART fits the bill and gets the job done on your clothes. It will definitely suit your purpose and is better than ironing 100%.


sunbeam garment steamer

You finally get the chance to get rid of your iron and board! That’s because steaming clothes with SUNBEAM handheld garment steamer is so much easier and faster.

A must have if you wear suits on a regular basis and want to save on dry cleaning.

This steamer does everything it says it will do: it works well on all kinds of fabric and provides you with similar results as would a full-sized steamer.

This garment steamer handheld has accessories for heavier and delicate fabrics, some of which includes:

  • A fiber brush for loosening the fibers of thick and heavy fabrics to allow the penetration of steam.
  • A steam guard for preventing burns by keeping the most sensitive places away from hot steam.
  • A lint and diffuser brush for removing lint, dust, and hair from fabrics and to spread steam to all parts of your fabric.

Quick facts about SUNBEAM handheld garment steamer

  • A quick 45 seconds heat-up time
  • 300 ml water capacity for 15 minutes of continuous steam per filling
  • 3 lbs weight

SUNBEAM handheld garment steamer pros

  •  One of the few best handheld steamers with good quality that won’t get broken or damaged when packed in a suitcase.
  • SUNBEAM travel steamer removable and moderately-sized water tank makes steaming faster as you won’t have to refill almost every time.
  • SUNBEAM‘s deep steam penetration, while gentle on clothes, remove odors and is tough on dust mites and bedbugs
  • SUNBEAM handheld garment steamer is easy to store.
  • SUNBEAM sanitizes and refreshes all types of fabric, linens, and drapery.
  • SUNBEAM helps to save money on clothes pressing.
  • It’s easy to fill and empty.  
  • It has a compact stand-up stable design allowing it to stand on a flat surface and for easy storage.
  • It can steam horizontally or vertically.

SUNBEAM handheld garment steamer cons

  • The SUNBEAM handheld garment steamer can occasionally spit some water.
  • No automatic power off button.
  • A bit heavy especially when filled.

Our recommendations

  • To remedy the effect of the steamer’s weight being heavy when filled, we recommend not filling the reservoir to capacity if you’d be done in under five minutes.
  • As this steamer doesn’t have an auto switch feature, if you’re forgetful, we recommend considering other products in this guide.

Guess it is high time you stopped putting those wet towels and wrinkled clothes in the dryer. Use SUNBEAM handheld garment steamer instead!


ebest travel steamerIf you hate ironing…

Well, I do.

I am always afraid of burning my dress shirts, myself, or even ironing wrinkles into the shirt.

Enter: the EBEST mini travel steamer…

…And solved all those problems for me.

EBEST mini travel steamer is faster and leaves clothes almost as wrinkle free.

Quick facts about EBEST mini portable travel steamer

  • 600 – 700-watt heating element for a quick one-minute heat-up time
  • 110 ml water capacity for 6 – 10 minutes of continuous steam per filling
  • 1.2 lbs weight for ease of use and travel convenience

EBEST mini portable travel steamer pros

  • Ideal for all kinds of fabric material.
  • Ideal for travel or home use.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Has a safety auto shut-off protection that shut off the steamer when the water level gets too low or when the unit becomes too hot.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Reliable and durable.

EBEST mini portable travel steamer cons:

  • Because the water tank is just about the size of most travel steamers. Meaning you might encounter limitations in the number of garments you can steam at a time.
  • Stopping in between steaming sessions to refill, especially when you are pressed for time and have more than two clothes to spruce up.
  • Not being able to immediately refill the steamer with water again. This in itself is a pain for some users.

Our recommendations

  • Don’t overfill it–keep water at the maximum line.
  • Use this steamer only in those countries where the voltage standard is 110-120V. Not recommended for use in countries where a 220-240V voltage is the standard voltage.

The problem of iron messing clothes? Solved.

A portable steamer that offers travel convenience? You bet.

At the end of the day, a freshly steamed shirt is what you will get.

If anything, EBEST’s mini travel steam iron is powerful, works well, and with a promise: “I’ll never leave you ‘steamer-less’.”

Our Criteria for Choosing the Best Handheld Steamers Explained

  • We asked Google (a leader and an authority in the search business) which are the best travel clothe steamers.
  • We kept an eye on products which had at least 50 reviews with over 50% five-star reviews.
  • We checked off any product that had over 25% one-star reviews.
  • We paid attention to products which checked these three boxes: ability to knock wrinkles out of clothes quickly; reduced or no sputtering; and ease of use.
  • We paid attention to manufacturers who had detailed product description and clear return policy.
  • Also, we noted manufacturers who followed up customers purchases and how they handled defective products and customers dissatisfaction.
  • All products on this list checked bullet points 1 to 3; products #1 to #5 on the list checked all six bullet points above.

Best Handheld Clothes Steamer Comparison Chart

ProductsHeat-up TimeSteam DurationWater CapacityWeightWattage
ABYON60 seconds10 minutes118 ml1.2 lbs700 - 800 watts
BEAUTURAL30 seconds15 minutes260 ml2.09 lbs1200 watts
EBEST60 seconds6 - 10 minutes110 ml1.2 lbs600 - 700 watts
ESTEAM60 seconds15 minutes237 ml1.85 lbs600 watts
PAX POWERFUL60 seconds10 minutes140 ml1.3 lbs700 watts
PURSTEAM60 seconds10 minutes125 ml1.59 lbs850 watts
STEAMFAST60 seconds7 minutes118 ml1.2 lbs800 watts
SUNBEAM45 seconds15 minutes300 ml3.0 lbs800 watts
TRAVEL SMART60 seconds10 minutes118.25 ml1.2 lbs450 watts
URPOWER120 seconds7 - 10 minutes130 ml1.2 lbs700 - 800 watts

How to Choose the Best Handheld Steamers

  • Heat up Time: Your time is precious, therefore, you can’t afford to buy a travel steamer that takes forever to heat up especially when you have a client to catch, business meetings to attend, and other important issues to deal with. As a result, you want to go for a steamer whose heat up time isn’t more than 60 seconds. As you can see from the comparison chart above, the majority of the steamers on our list heat up in 60 seconds or less. BEAUTURAL even heats up in 30 freaking seconds! The only odd one out is the URPOWER–with heat up time at 120 seconds (which is still not bad anyway considering you might wait longer if you were to be using an iron).
  • Steam Duration: This is how long a steam iron can continuously produce steam once it is fully heated. Steamers with longer steam time (SUNBEAM and BEAUTURAL from our comparison chart have the longest steam duration–15 minutes, while EBEST and STEAMFAST having the shortest steam duration–7 minutes) are the most preferable; they are perfect for conditions where you have to steam more than one outfit.
  • Weight: Five of the ten handheld steam iron listed in our comparison chart weigh 1.2 lbs–using them for some minutes won’t lead to aches in the hands. Lightweight steamers usually have smaller water capacity, as well as shorter steam duration.
  • Price: The price of our best handheld steamers ranges between 15-85 dollars. It makes sense to find a middle ground as very cheap models could wear out easily.
  • Wattage: The higher the wattage, the powerful the steam. However, a larger wattage steamer will have a large water capacity, longer steam duration, but will be less portable. Faster steam build-up time and higher steam flow will save you a lot of time.

Differences Between Handheld Garment Steamers and the Upright/Floor Model Garment Steamers 

Price. Price for most personal/household steamers hovers around 15 and 85 dollars. Price for floor model/upright/standing steamers can start anywhere from 50 to over 200 dollars.

Size and Weight. The best handheld steamer for clothes are usually compact in size and weight, therefore, they are an excellent choice for travel. The full-size, heavy-weight features of the upright steamers make them unfriendly for travel.

Steam Strength and Output. Because of the limitations in water tank capacity and size, handheld steamers are unable to put out (steam duration typically last 5 – 15 minutes) enough continuous pressure for heavily wrinkled or thick clothes. Conversely, standing steamers are able to put out (up to 45 minutes or more) full, powerful, continuous steam that can get rid of the most stubborn creases from thicker materials.

Heat-up Time. Handheld steamers water tanks are smaller, so water heats up super fast (sometimes under twenty seconds). The standing steamers have larger tanks and heat-up time can start from one minute and up.

Needs and Usage. Handheld steamers put out steam that is perfect for quick touch-ups and may not be used constantly. Whereas the commercial grade garment steamers are made for more intentional ironing reason they are more suited for professional and frequent usage (think JIFFY-4000 garment steamer or the ROWENTA IS9200 fabric steamer).

Buying and Using Your Travel and Handheld Steamer: Managing Expectations

If you see your steamer of choice as you pour through our list, having clicked through, you will want to browse around on the product page and ensure you have a clear understanding of what the product can and can’t do.

That mentioned, don’t set your expectations too high as this could bring disappointment.

While great for removing wrinkles, any one of the best handheld steamers listed in this guide won’t replace iron for getting those crisp collars, seams and such.

You may apply some level of pressure against the fabric with the steamer, but it’s still not comparable to using, say, a professional clothes steamer (with a lot more steam power) or even pressing a hot iron to the spot to get the desired effect. Though any one of the handheld steamers will suffice if your desired result is just a quick spruce-up for a ready-to-go outfit.

That mentioned all 10 products listed in this guide get wrinkles out of fairly wrinkled clothing plus steaming session ranges between 5 and 15 minutes per fill.

Do also keep in mind that lighter weight fabrics are done very quickly while heavier fabrics may take a little more time.

Expectedly so, for a handheld steamer, water tank will be small and steam output, which is just enough, as such the need for multiple refilling for multiple items of clothing.

Guess a travel steamer was meant to be easy to pack in your carry on bag? So don’t sweat the size.

If you run out of water in between sessions, refill and in about two minutes your steamer is ready for steaming again.

You also want to understand that items may be smaller in size when they arrive than they actually looked on the product page. You have to do your due diligence by using the product weight to estimate the size.

In addition, these recommendations help.

  • Always use distilled water for your steamers.
  • An Amazon reviewer pointed out (and we have also noticed) that metal/steelhead steamers (marked “M” alongside the steamer model) tend to work better than plastic heads at knocking out wrinkles. Plus, plastic heads normally have more condensation thus creating watermarks on clothing.
  • After use, wait until the steamer cools down and then rinse to prevent mineral buildup. If you get mineral build up in the unit and the steamer begins to sputter when you are steaming (this might happen more quickly if you use tap water), you can clean the boiler by simply adding 2 ounces of vinegar and letting it soak for 30-40 minutes.
  • While waiting for your steamer to cool off after use, ensure to keep out of reach of children.
  • Don’t ship a steamer to a country where you can’t return.
  • Adhere to the manufacturer’s voltage standard.
  • If you already own a steamer you might want to plan ahead if your unit wets clothes. Or maybe let your steamer run for a minute or so, and ensure that it has achieved full steam before use.
  • If you are steaming at home and would be steaming multiple items, a more powerful steamer like the JIFFY-2000 makes sense.

Additional note. All the recommendations made in this guide are to be used alongside manual instructions and manufacturers recommendations.

Final verdict on the best handheld steamers

Personal clothing steamers are designed for use at home so we get your fixation on a space-efficient steamer.

We do as well know that you want to save time from having to browse through giant pages of product reviews (reviews which may have even influenced anyway). We also understand you want to save money and probably keep your sanity too.

That’s why we are very picky about listing products in this guide.

You will want to keep an eye on products #1 to #5. These are products we either have used ourselves, that we personally know someone who has, or that we think are really the best handheld steamers based on the product’s quality, manufacturer’s return policy and topnotch after-sales support.

Our intention was to only feature the best travel and handheld steamers.

Keep in mind however that “best” is subjective. Which is why we qualified our list using some A-list criteria (see “Our Criteria for Choosing the Best Travel Steamers Explained” subheading in the guide). But even at that, mention of any product in this guide is by no means an endorsement.