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With more than one amazing features like the comfortable, easy to grip handle, Anti-scale system, powerful 1800w, Large 47oz tank and more, the Rowenta DG8520 is just the perfect gear for a unique result.

Why do much work for an unsatisfying result, when you can with no stress and in short time to give the best result?

This garment steamer is just what you should have, as it welcomes you to the world of 1.5 hours of continuous stress free ironing, while generating up to 120g of pressurized steam. With a fast heat up time, this sleek and stylish designed garment steamer is just that catalyst you need, to speed up the time rate of ironing your clothes.

Read the below to see the stuff this essential garment steamer is made of and you will just have to get your own immediately.

Features of Rowenta DG8520

Listed below are the features of Rowenta DG8520 and why you should consider getting one for yourself

Steam Output  80g/minute
Soleplate TechnologyMicro steam 400 inbox
Heat up Time  2minutes
Continuous Steam DiffusionTip, side and heart
Water Tank Removable
Tank GaugeYes
Water Tank Capacity45oz
Power Cord Length 1.9m


How does Rowenta DG8520 work

This steam station speeds up ironing system by delivering four times more steam than other conventional irons. The 47-ounce removable water tank, which is attached to a boiler, gives more lasting ironing without continuous refill. The cord which is not too thick is insulated so you won’t get burned/shock if it touches your skin or brush it.

The water tank located away from the boiler makes the steamer to heat up within two minutes while producing up to 90 minutes of continuous steam. With three times the steam output, this perfect station makes ironing process less onerous. This is just good news for all.

Rowenta DG8520

Why choose Rowenta DG8520

With stainless steel soleplate which allow you to have a smooth and efficient ironing experience, and Lightweight that makes it easier to use and store away and get out. Rowenta DG8520 is the best garment steamer choice you can ever make.

Whenever you need a professional ironing result, in removing stubborn creases or wrinkles in hard to reach places like the button area, this is just what you need.

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With Rowenta DG8520, you don’t need to splash out much cash, out of your wallet to get a professional result anymore. Better still, this garment steamer can also be used for commercial garment steaming purposes

Alright, it is expensive but who cares about that when you can erase all the stubborn wrinkles without the need of rolling up your sleeves, while cursing under your breath, over a shirt or trouser?

With over 150 users’ reviews over the internet claiming that this time-saving garment steamer is the best thing you can ever have in the home, I think this garment steamer is not a scam, it is legitimate. In fact Professionals are switching to this good station. As more reviews keep rolling out to praise it.

Don’t read further and just purchase already to have all those wrinkles done without much stress and time.

Updated: February 11, 2018 — 11:07 am
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