BIZOND Clothing Steamer Review (Black)

bizond clothing steamerAdorned in a fun black and turquoise color, BIZOND clothing steamer is a stunner design-wise.

Functionality-wise, it heats up in less than 30 seconds producing up to 10 minutes of powerful steam. Meaning you could use this little steamer to get your work clothes ready in no time.

Unlike other travel steamers, the BIZOND clothes steamer does not leak either does it spit water. More so, it steams vertically or horizontally.

If anything, BIZOND’s ergonomic design allows for comfort and convenience of use, storage, and maintenance; its high performance and functionality features ensure efficiency of the unit and value for money. Better yet, you will look great and smell fresh.

Looking interesting?

Here is our detailed review of the BIZOND clothing steamer.


  • Auto shut off safety system
  • Nanopolymer filter
  • Free storage bag
  • Velcro strap


Most steamer designs in terms of aesthetics are dull and boring. In terms of construction–they are just a pain in the behind.

BIZOND clothes steamer is the direct opposite.

The elegant design ensures steaming, rather than feel like a chore, is now a pleasure. The no-leak design as well ensures ease of use while protecting you from burns.

Black and turquoise is the color. Visual attractiveness was the plan. BIZOND handheld steamer is the result.

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The 9.8 feet cord is long enough to not keep you standing too close to an outlet. That is in addition to giving you total control while having plenty of freedom to hit tough spots.

Considering its compact size, BIZOND ultra mini travel steamer lets you take it with you anywhere–on a cruise trip, business trip, or vacations.

You could easily detach the water compartment and add water.

The nanopolymer feature protects the heating element from calcification and prolongs the unit. The free cart bag allows for easy and safe transportation. The velcro strap, on the other hand, lets you wrap the wire neatly.

Different from other travel steamers (ESTEAM, we know), BIZOND steamer stays cool on the exterior and can be placed on any surface.

It is protected against overheating and is suitable for different kinds of materials (polyester, wool or cotton) and fabrics (dress shirt, wedding dress, suit or curtains).


BIZOND clothes steamer has a 900 wattage heating element which lets you start steaming in under 30 seconds. If you start steaming and stopped or if you leave this clothe steamer unattended for 5 minutes, it will shut off. Not to worry, to resume your steaming session just grab the steamer.

At 100 ml water capacity, you get full, steady steam for up to 10 minutes which is equal or even more than the steam duration of other handheld steamers with larger water capacity.

No leaking. No spitting (no spitting means you can steam from any angle and don’t necessarily have to maintain a position for a period of time). No wet spots. Steam. Only steam!

You could steam items that are hanging or laying flat plus steam distributes generously to release stubborn wrinkles while penetrating deeply into your garment to destroy odor-causing bacteria. Without chemicals!

Further, its 1.7 pounds weight does not rest on your hand, thus eliminating any form of inconvenience–whether one associated with use, storage or transportation.


  • Pain-free steamer
  • Travel-friendly steamer
  • Effective
  • Space efficient
  • Time-saving
  • Steady, consistent steam flow lets you do a complete outfit before refilling
  • The manufacturer offer replacements provided purchased item is still within the return window


  • Can’t be used with converters and/or adapters that are not 110v compliant.


Manufacturer: BIZOND

Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 6 x 3.9 inches

Voltage: 110v – 120v

Weight: 1.7 pounds

Water Capacity: 100 ml

Wattage: 900 watts

Final Verdict on BIZOND clothing steamer

BIZOND clothing steamer water tank could be smaller than you are used to. In which case it helps to press the stop button each time you set it down to prevent multiple refills.

Do keep in mind that the manufacturer recommends distilled water and 110v is the standard voltage.

Regardless, if your steaming needs are infrequent or maybe you are trying to get few wrinkles out of a fairly wrinkled garment without having to wait for your old iron to heat up, BIZOND clothing steamer is an invaluable companion. It fits easily into the hand and seems to balance nicely. Extremely convenient for home and travel use.

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