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People tend to be addressed the way they are dressed. No matter the quality or how expensive a cloth may be, once the wearer looks shabby due to its wrinkles and creases, he or she will definitely be looked down upon. Wearing a straightened outfit is a way to look smart, first impression counts a lot. You wouldn’t want to have a bad impression on a first date or interview.

Using irons can be a little complicating and unsatisfying unlike fabric steamers which give the most excellent results within an affordable price range. Various brands of fabric steamers are available today, not having an in-depth knowledge about a product might alter a right decision.

One of the best portable fabric steamers in existence is PURESTEAM as it is of a durable quality and can be carried without hassles.



  • Fast heating water tank: due to the small water tank which is 180ml, it heats up within 2 minutes to produce 10 minutes of long lasting steam.
  • Improved nozzle design: the large nozzle design aids the consistent and even distribution of steam to all areas of the fabric. It eliminates stubborn wrinkles from clothings, beddings, curtains and furniture upholsteries.
  • Automatic shut-off safety protection sensor: this feature shuts off the steamer when low water level is being detected or when the steamer is too hot to prevent damage.
  • Built-in plug: the built-in 8 foot 110v plug enhances safety and convenience. Therefore, an extension cord is not needed.
  • Measuring cup: the well designed measuring cup rests above the nozzle for easier detection and storage.


  • Puresteam’s warranty is of two years as with most fabric steamers on the market. This warranty is available to cover any manufacturing defect. However, it does not cover any fault caused by the user.
  • As it only weighs 1.4 pounds, it can be perfectly fitted into a suitcase and would not cause any pain while it is being held for a long period of time.
  • Since it has a 100-240 volt rating, the steamer can be used in countries with different voltage standards.
  • The water reservoir window offers a view of the water level along with a maximum guide-line to prevent overfilling.
  • Comes with a protective storage bag to keep the steamer intact in the case of long term storage or trip.
  • Easy grip and longer heat resistant handles which adds to the comfort.
  • Easy to fill water tank.
  • Saves time.
  • Compact and portable design.


  • Frequent refilling of the water tank has to be done while steaming a couple of items.
  • The steam produced is too hot.

Puresteam portable fabric steamer is perfect for all kinds of fabrics. It straightens rumples on upholsteries, beddings, drapes, curtains and linens. However, it is essential that the Puresteam portable fabric steamer review should be read prior to use.

Although, Puresteam could have minor problems, it is definitely worth buying because it is very effective and affordable.


Updated: April 23, 2018 — 12:29 am

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