PURSTEAM ELITE Garment Steamer Review (Heavy Duty and Powerful)

pursteam elite garment steamerAdorned in a white and teal blue color, PURSTEAM ELITE garment steamer is not bad design-wise.

Functionality-wise, it heats up in less than 45 seconds producing up to one hour of steady, powerful (around 100 degree Celsius temperature) steam.

All of that steam and power will then combine to make your shirts and suits look nice and professional.

Here is our detailed review of the PURSTEAM ELITE garment steamer.


  • Job specific attachments
  • Collapsible/adjustable hanger
  • Steam board
  • Crease attachment
  • Clips

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The PURSTEAM full-size garment steamer comes in colors of white elegantly styled with teal blue.

It is an upright garment steamer with a wheel attached to the reservoir.

The water tank is detachable, lightweight and transparent.

There is an outlet on the reservoir for draining water.

There are hooks on the Nozzle Cradle (that is assuming you would rather use your own hanger).

The plastic pocket gadget also helps to keep the pocket flat and straighten collars while preventing burns.

Design = appealing and compact. Construction = strong and sturdy.


There you go, a job-specific attachment for more detailed steaming. Provided for free by PURSTEAM which goes to show the thought they put into their products.

Besides the job-specific attachment, there is also a telescopic aluminum pole, which is lightweight and sturdy, plus it is collapsible for ease of storage.
There is a dual insulated steam hose for your protection and safety.
Also an On/Off Switch for greater control plus a plastic steam nozzle to protect your delicate fabrics.

Other helpful features of this steamer are its handheld steam board and the adjustable hanger that packs a bunch.

While the former feature lets you access those tough spots (collars, sleeves, pockets) the latter feature lets you easily eliminate wrinkles from fabrics of different length, size, and thickness.

Not only that, the clips help to hold your other garments in place.

Even so, the crease attachment lets you put finishing touches to your clothes for that perfect, crisp look.

The water tank holds about half a gallon. Not a ton but enough that constant refilling isn’t necessary.

Also the water tank, transparent and removable, lets you see when you are running low on water and doubles for a near effortless refilling.
Beneath the unit is a handy drain outlet to aid in the emptying, cleaning and flushing of the unit.

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If anything, PURSTEAM ELITE fabric steamer provides you with plenty of freedom and flexibility; its high performance and functionality features ensure the efficiency and reliability of this unit.

In comparison with other industrial steamers where you would have to turn them on in earnest, the PURSTEAM ELITE garment steamer is ready extremely quickly in less than a minute.

The longest part is taking the unit out of the closet, extending the arms, plugging it in, flipping the switch, putting your item on the hanger. Depending on the user in question this shouldn’t take more than five minutes.

The next longest part is waiting for it to heat up (takes about 45 seconds).

The rest is kind of magical.

Once the steam starts nice and steady, start at the bottom of your garment first then work your way up. If the steam stops, hold up the hose till it pours back out and resume your steaming session.

PURSTEAM PS 910 model steam output is about a 7-8/10. For light to medium weight fabric, it will get the job done easily. It may take longer to do heavy khakis.

Again depending on your experience with steam irons and thickness of the wrinkles, you could steam a half dozen men’s shirts with this steamer before refilling.

While the main purpose of this steamer is steaming clothes, it does a great job cleaning and disinfecting items of furniture & carpet.


  • Extremely easy to put together.
  • Heats up in 45 seconds (or less).
  • Lightweight.
  • Steady, powerful steam flow.
  • Very responsive seller. Excellent customer service.
  • More steaming, less refilling.
  • Refilling is very simple.
  • Works well and gets the job done.


  • Although compact and lightweight, there is no handle to carry it around (especially at home when going from one room to another).
  • No bag for the product accessories
  • Quite a number of complaints about difficulty in using the clip
  • No control for the steam coming out of the nozzle


Manufacturer: PURSTEAM

Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 9.5 x 12 inches

Voltage: 110 – 120v

Weight: 2.2 pounds

Water Capacity: 1.8L

Wattage: 1500W

Final verdict on PURSTEAM ELITE garment steamer

Great for getting wrinkles out of suits, shirts, pants, couches, mattresses, dresses, blouses, etc. in between dry cleanings; and at $69.99, PURSTEAM ELITE garment steamer is a perfect mix of price and function.

With all parts firmly attached and assuming you won’t bend the hose, this steamer produces a powerful, steady flow of heat. Worth adding to the laundry room for quick turnovers with good results. Especially helpful if you steam your clothes before work in the morning.

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Updated: February 3, 2019 — 9:29 pm

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