Who We Are

Samuel and Damola are responsible for all the contents on the Garment Steamer Review website. We’re passionate about helping buyers and users of electric steaming and ironing products to save time and get more bang for their bucks by creating insanely detailed product reviews, articles and buying guides.

Samuel handles the content, user experience, and social media aspects of the website; Damola is responsible for the website’s search visibility and conversion.

Our Interest in Electric Steaming and Ironing Products Explained

Samuel, maybe because he is lazy (and shameless), hates ironing. In addition, Samuel has ironing phobia (he’s always afraid of burning himself or ruining his shirts).

When Samuel eventually found an iron alternative that puts an end to drawing out the iron and ironing board, one that lets him save his not-so-readily-available energy and most importantly, an iron alternative that does not ruin his dress shirts, he got hooked forever and for always.

Why You Should Trust Us

We’re a team of experts in electric steaming and ironing products.

We always try our best to recommend products we’ve used or that we know someone who has.

We rely on a robust research process and credible sources like Wirecutter for research of products we haven’t used or that we are unable to establish contact with someone who has.

Our readers are VERY IMPORTANT to us and we genuinely care about how our recommended products are adding value to their lives.

If your experience with our recommended products substantially negates our reviews, please reach out to us immediately! We’ll not hesitate to update our reviews.

Needless to mention, with Garment Steamer Review, you are in good hands.