We always try our best to test all the recommended products. When and where this isn’t possible, we rely on trusted sources like Wirecutter, in addition to employing Garment Steamer Review’s very own custom-made product selection criteria. These criteria, in no particular order, are briefly discussed below.

  • On Amazon, we ensure to keep an eye on products which had at least 50 reviews with more than 50% five-star reviews.
  • We check off any product with more than 25% one-star reviews.
  • We pay careful attention to products which checked these three boxes: ability to knock wrinkles out of clothes quickly and effectively; reduced or no sputtering; and ease of use.
  • We pay attention to manufacturers who had detailed product description and clear return policy.
  • Also, we note manufacturers who followed up customers purchases and how they handled defective products and customers dissatisfaction.