While some people had been using the TAO-Tronics Clothes Steamer because they don’t have enough space to expand an ironing board, another group of people prefer TaoTronics because it’s gentle on their fabrics.

Meaning regardless of your needs, and with a heat-resistant glove and fabric brush included, this fabric steamer provides a total package of versatility.

Quick Product Facts

  • Ideal for use at home.
  • Very portable.
  • Heats up easily.
  • TaoTronics works on all kinds of fabric including upholsteries, beddings, drapes and so on.
Product Benefits
  • Tao-tronics TT-PI001 refreshes your garments and upholsteries while reducing the number of visits to the dry cleaners by refreshing your garments.
  • An 800-watt steamer that heats up in about 90 seconds and produces constant steam for 6 minutes.
  • It is easy to use with the on and off switch.
  • Its compact design allows users to conveniently carry it around.
  • The water tank is of 120ml capacity which makes steaming for a longer period possible.
  • The overheat protection turns the steamer off when the water level is very low.
The Negative Things
  • It has no steam control button.
  • To be refilled rather frequently
  • If there is excessive water inside or if the steamer isn’t in an upright position, spitting could occur.

Our Recomendations:

  • Water splashes on the start button should be cleaned before use.